10 Simple Ways to Save Money

  1. Digit This is an awesome app but it is only free for the first 100 days, after that it’s $2.99/month. I managed to save over $200 before the first 100 days ended, it works but if your not making a stable income it’s not very beneficial. It’s not good for college students or those with shaky income because $3/month can add up.
  2. Ebates Everyone knows about ebates for the most part but to keep it short, ALWAYS use it when your shopping online. I used to forget to go to the website in the beginning so I suggest adding the extension to your web browser so you get a notification if there is cashback available on the website your about to purchase from. In addition to every person you refer, you get $25 after they use their ebates account. There are no limits to your referrals!
  3. Swagbucks If you have a lot of spare time on your hands this is the best platform for you because the opportunities are endless with this ‘app.” This is technically a website with apps, so you can download all the apps or just use in your browser which I think is better. There are daily goals and tons of challenges but you can also use it when shopping online because points are designated by the dollar for each website. My best advice for this app is to join Facebook groups with people who post codes as they become available to be redeemed. Just play on the website and determine how much your willing to do for your swagbucks. They definitely have the BEST selection of gift cards which include PayPal and amazon.com.
  4. Earny Most stores have a policy that states if the price drops within two weeks of a purchase, you can get refunded the difference. Who actually goes back and checks? Earny will do the work for you for a small fee (25% of your refund) but I don’t care because I get 5% of every friend I refer and anyone that my friend referred.
  5. Paribus This system is almost the same as earny, the difference is that you keep 100% of your refund but you do not make money off referrals. You can look at the list of retailers to determine which is more beneficial.
  6. Trim This is essentially a financial assistant. It will cancel old subscriptions that you no longer use and negotiate a variety of your bill in order to lower your monthly expenses. This system is integrated into Facebook Messenger.
  7. Games: Solitaire For those who like to play games, for every referral that makes a deposit you get $10 to use to play.
  8. Honey Have you ever went to a site and added more than you should spend to your cart then spend 20 minutes looking for coupons to lower your bill? Honey will do it for you. Add it to your browser extension and it automatically pops up on every checkout page so it can find you the best deal. It was started for hotel discounts but since then it has spread. I’ve saved hundreds of using honey while shopping online.
  9. Gas Buddy If you drive a car, if you travel in a car, if your in an unfamiliar area or if you’ve ever run out of gas because you didn’t realize the last station 10 miles ago was the only one for another 30 miles then download this app. It shows you all the gas prices in any area, plus you can organize it by distance or price. As a someone who likes to travel by car, this app has saved me thousands over the past two years. Never guess if you should have stopped at that last gas station again!
  10. Fuel Rewards However, you may not always be able to get the cheapest gas, so this is when I use Fuel Rewards. You can save 5¢/gal on every fill-up with Gold Status at any Shell gas station. If you link a master card to your account you can get every larger saving just by shopping at a variety of businesses.


What money-saving apps can you not live without? Is it on my list or is it different?