Day 16 – Top Of My Bucket List!

This is the easiest…GET MARRIED!

I have wanted to elope for the longest but my fiance want’s an actual wedding and all that other stuff. BLAH!

I know that makes my bucket list is lame but all the other things involve going to every country possible and doing things without leaving any evidence!

Remember…”Good girls never rarely make history!”


Day 15 – An Average Day

Hello loves!

I normally wake up somewhere between 8-10 am.

Check emails, plan out the day,  and respond to any messages from the night before. Then I put food in the oven in the midst of all these things then I eat and walk to work.

I normally get to work/the lab between 10:30 and 11:30.

Set up my laptop on my desk, check in with the lab tech for any pertinent information, and write my to-do list for the day.

I normally eat around 2 or 3 if I take a lunch break.

Sometimes I just take a break and visit friends or make phone calls/texts for one of my businesses.

On a long day I leave around 7 pm but on a short day, I’m gone by 5 pm.

Once I get home I eat dinner, run errands, and do anything I forgot to do the morning of.

After dinner, I add my dishes to the dishwasher or run the dishwasher so it can be done before bed. Or I wash/fold clothes and towels.

I normally get to bed around 10 and sit up on my laptop until I get tired and let Phineas and Ferb play until I fall asleep.

I normally go down anywhere from 11 pm to 3 am right after I eat a late night snack.

So in essence, I have an extremely boring schedule most days.




Day 14 – If I Won The Lottery…

Everyone has deliberated over this question…”What if I won the lottery?” Would you take a huge lump sum or monthly installments? Would you tell anyone that you won? Would you quit your job? Would you go on vacation? And the list goes on and on…

I would take the lump sum because monthly installments for 30 years would drive me insane! I’ll take less money if it means getting everything upfront and taking care of any debts I currently have. I would only tell immediate friends and family because I am a giver and I want to take care of my family. I definitely would not quit my job or go on vacation. I would buy myself something nice though but then it’s down to business!

Winning the lottery would not be an answer to everything but it would help in certain circumstances. It would definitely be appreciated though!

Day 13 – My Earliest Memory

As a child, I was fascinated by all animals and I just knew I was going to be a veterinarian​. So my earliest memory has to do with my first pet.

I spent most of my childhood at my aunt’s house due to the fact my mom was a registered nurse so she worked numerous long shifts. I especially looked forward to summers at my aunt’s house. There was always something going on and every day was an adventure.

One day that stands out in my memory is the day I got my dog…I kind of stole him. A family friend came over one day with the cutest puppy. He was a mixed breed, half collie, ​and half sheepdog​. He was white with gray and brown patches. I started playing with him and never stopped so the friend said I could keep him. My mother was not too happy about the situation so he lived at my aunts’​ house since I was there more anyway.

I had him from the summer after I turned 5 to the summer I was 14. I played with him day after day and I never got bored. He was the best companion a girl could ask for.


15 Gifts Ideas For Millenials

Hello loves!

Soooo…it’s the holidays and that means gifts! I’m a gift-giver at heart. I buy gifts for people when I see something they may like. My friends constantly tease me for buying them things at the most random time but I am a giver, I can’t help it! I get joy from seeing people faces light up when they get an amazing gift.

Here is a list of non-traditional gifts to use when shopping for the millennials in your life. The goal is to get a gift that they will actually use! Find what fits your millennial.

Gifts For Any Millennial!

1. For the book lover: Fleece blanket
2. For the music junkie: Wireless Headphones
3. For the writer: Bluetooth keyboard
4. For the techie: USB hub
5. For the movie junkie: Projector (or popcorn maker)
6. For the environmentalist: Personalized tote bag
7. For the athlete: Workout graphic tees
8. For the politically correct: Cards Against Humanity
9. For the scholar: Adult coloring book
10. For the planner: Nature Sound Alarm Clock
11. For the selfie addict: LED phone case
12. For the social media addict: Add-On Lens (for phone)
13. For the foodie: Subscription meal service
14. For the busy bee: Bluetooth speaker
15. For the traveler: Phase 10 Card Game

But…let me be clear Visa and Amazon gift cards are always a favorite! You can’t go wrong with either gift card.

What gift do you think should be added to the list???