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I have always been the girl that puts forth extra effort to save money because as a student some weeks are better than others. Let’s be clear, I’m not an extreme couponer and I do pay full price for some items (I just prefer not to). However, when it comes to cutting corners to save a bit of money or saving up for a trip I do it in a variety of ways.

*Unless stated otherwise, all money can be redeemed via direct deposit into a PayPal account.

Here is a list of some of my favorite apps to use:

Shopkicks I honestly use shop kicks very sporadically. Most of the time I only turn it on when I’m in the mall or I’m out shopping in general. Most of my points are from walk-ins, but even with using it so little its still beneficial. If you already have an account feel free to use my invite code for extra points toward one of the available gift cards.

Receipt Hog This is one of the best saving apps I have ever downloaded because it accepts ALL receipts of ANY amount. Points are given based on the price bracket and your consistent use of the app. However, when my mom tried to download it a few months ago I learned that there is now a waiting list to even use it! I would suggest getting on the waitlist, it’ll be worth it. You will receive an email once you can use the app.

Ibotta This is another fairly popular app because it works similar to ebates but it is mostly for specific items. I always go through the app before making my grocery list because I will change brands if that means I get a rebate. But the key to using this app is also consistency. They have a lot of challenges for you to get extra money for buying a certain group of items. If you already have downloaded the app feel free to use my referral code, hoiaaln, and you can get a $10 welcome bonus.

Walmart If you shop at walmart at all, download this app. I rarely use walmart but when I do, I always scan my receipt for the savings catcher aspect. It finds the cheapest competitors price and refunds you the difference in a walmart gift card. This allows you to shop without having to compare prices at other stores before shopping.

Pay Your Selfie This app literally pays you to take selfies, need I say more? They give you selfie requests and when you do them, you get money. In addition, you get $0.50 for every referral.

1Q I haven’t made much money from this app but I believe its based on your demographics and I’m probably too common. In addition, you get $0.25 for every referral.

Streetbees  I just started using Streetbees and so far so good, my only complaint is that not all surveys are paid but when they are paid you get the money in your bank account within 24 hours.  My referral code is 6012L 🙂

VoxPopMe This is hands down my favorite survey app because their video surveys were you state your opinion and you’re done. Just answer all the questions they ask and you get paid. When you refer someone both parties get $1 when the new person submits a good response.

Pudding This is a very unique app because it’s nothing but sweepstakes as prizes. They ask you random questions and you get a point for every answer then you use those points to be entered into drawings. There are daily, weekly, and monthly drawings. I’ve known people that have won but I haven’t yet. The only reason I keep it is because the questions are usually quirky.

Drop If you use credit cards a lot for reward points, then you need this app because it accumulates points for gift cards. My only suggestions is open it once a week, there are always new offers available and you have to activate them in order to get points form purchases.

Dosh This is also great for card users. What makes it great is that you can cash out directly to your debit card.

Panel It is your typical survey app but all the surveys are short and they are based upon the places you frequent. For every referral, you earn 10% of their earnings and you can either use your points for gift cards outright or via a sweepstakes.

SavvyConnect This system monitors your online activity and sends you surveys based on your activity. You get more money with each additional device connected. Then when you refer people your paid as a result of your direct recruits and their recruits answering surveys.

Robinhood This is an investment app that allow you to get started with NO money, you just have to get referrals. You and your referral get a free stock.


Have you tried any of these? Which one works for you?


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