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I’m about to move across three states to be with the love of my life but I am not taking everything with me! The other week I stood in the middle of my apartment and realized that I need to start selling the things that are in perfect condition because either I don’t need it or my fiancee has a better version. I figured I might as well make a little money in the process. So my first question was, where should I sell everything? I don’t have enough for a yard sale and I’m not putting up flyers everywhere with my number sprawled all over town. So I went to the internet and here is what I found to be beneficial for those with plenty to sell but not enough for a yard sale.

Apps: LetGo & OfferUp were the main apps that I found when I was investigating. Both are location based, so you put your zip code or city of your choosing and post pictures. I’ve known many people who use these on a regular basis from diapers to beds so I figured I would give them a chance.


  • It allows you to label the price as negotiable,
  • It formulates a title for the item pictured,
  • It can be shared on facebook.


  • It has a scale for you to describe the product (i.e. New, Refurbished, Normal Wear),
  • It gives you the option to say that your firm on the price,
  • It has an optional verification service, TruYou, that is supposed to help with false identities.

Also, I found that Facebook marketplace is booming! My issue is that it is Facebook and I don’t share a lot on that platform. So if you don’t mind all your Facebook friends seeing/purchasing your items then go right ahead. There is also the option of putting it in the marketplace without sharing it to your newsfeed.

Lastly, Amazon. It is extremely easy to become a seller on Amazon. I had no idea it was a simple process if you are an individual selling a few items and not building a store. My only issue is that there are restrictions since I am an individual. It’s important to look at the restrictions before you decide to sell everything on Amazon. Overall, the experience made me curious about being a seller on Amazon so I plan on exploring that in the next few months.

In essence, when selling a little, post it everywhere! Thus far, I have sold items from LetGo and Amazon so it’s the luck of the draw. I’ve had interest in most of my items but none of them were legitimate. However, I’m not giving up. I have over a month left to sell the extra items.


What’s your best way to sell items online?




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