15 Gifts Ideas For Millenials

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Soooo…it’s the holidays and that means gifts! I’m a gift-giver at heart. I buy gifts for people when I see something they may like. My friends constantly tease me for buying them things at the most random time but I am a giver, I can’t help it! I get joy from seeing people faces light up when they get an amazing gift.

Here is a list of non-traditional gifts to use when shopping for the millennials in your life. The goal is to get a gift that they will actually use! Find what fits your millennial.

Gifts For Any Millennial!

1. For the book lover: Fleece blanket
2. For the music junkie: Wireless Headphones
3. For the writer: Bluetooth keyboard
4. For the techie: USB hub
5. For the movie junkie: Projector (or popcorn maker)
6. For the environmentalist: Personalized tote bag
7. For the athlete: Workout graphic tees
8. For the politically correct: Cards Against Humanity
9. For the scholar: Adult coloring book
10. For the planner: Nature Sound Alarm Clock
11. For the selfie addict: LED phone case
12. For the social media addict: Add-On Lens (for phone)
13. For the foodie: Subscription meal service
14. For the busy bee: Bluetooth speaker
15. For the traveler: Phase 10 Card Game

But…let me be clear Visa and Amazon gift cards are always a favorite! You can’t go wrong with either gift card.

What gift do you think should be added to the list???


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  1. Love the simple and easy to digest list! Also love that you have broken it up into categories! Millennials all have different interests, despite what some people think!

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