Get Your Anxiety Under Control!

Here are my 3 E’s that I use to stay calm and collected in the midst of life occurring. It’s how i control my anxiety:

I know everyone says to exercise and most people brush it off but it works! A good layer of sweat cleanses the soul in a way that can only be understood after an extremely rough day. It doesn’t have to be boring, try something new! There is boxing, tae kwon do cross fit, aerial aerobics! Just do something out of the ordinary. You will not regret it. Nothing feels better than forgetting what is going on and using that negative energy for something that is healthy. It improves your overall mood.

A good diet not only improves your health but it expands your horizon. Eat every color that you can find, the more variety, the better. Maybe you’ll even find something new that you never knew you liked. [I found out I liked brussel sprouts when I went on a healthy kick.] Your body is your temple, treat it right. Plus, the best thing about eating right is having cheat days!


Find something that makes you happy and relieves the tension in your body as well as your mind. Everyone needs a form of expression that fits their personality and lifestyle. If you have nothing right now then be adventurous. Take a class. Go somewhere new. Try a new restaurant. Just get out of your own way and find your happy place.

What E is the most difficult for you to implement into your life? Or what technique do you use to control your anxiety?

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