What is the root of almost everything?…MONEY! In this section, I will be giving you basic tips to save money, apps that make you money, and ways to earn passive income. I believe everyone should be conscious of their funds because it can make all the difference between what you WANT to do and what you CAN do. I prefer to save my hard earned money and I think you should do the same. Feel free to leave comments so I can improve my content for YOU!



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  1. Great idea!! I know a good way of saving money is “not buying” I know it sounds crazy. But nowadays everything is about “buy this bundle and save”. Ok, but do you really need that? I save much more by not buying.

  2. I love Living On A Dime. Her books, vlog and tips are all great. She lived as a single mom without support on $500/month with 2 kids. Not everything is something I’d do, but she has a great deal of helpful tips that get us in the right mindset to succeed.

  3. any tips to save money are always welcome. I do get tempted with the deals and offers near the holidays and festive season, I am trying to be more reasonable and buy only the stuff that I need, also working on my impulsive buying habits.

  4. I’ll be honest. Not much a money saver, I love travelling and that is where all my money goes. I might regret it one day but am happy to see the world

  5. This is probably what each of us are praying for especially this holidays, to save money. This is a must-have.

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