Affirmations Will Change Your Life


The action or process of affirming something or being affirmed.


To assert strongly and publicly.

I define affirmations as a key to changing your mindset, which in turn changes your life. For every negative trait or thought that comes to your mind, make it positive. Do you want to spend all day harping on what is going wrong in your life? Or do you want to find the silver lining in every situation?

Life is about perspective.

Is the glass half full or half empty? Lay out the pros and cons of the situations that get you stumped. Which list is longer? Which items on the list weigh heavier in your life? Sometimes it’s not the length of the list that makes the difference but the gravity of the items on the list.

What perspective do you choose?

Optimism vs Pessimism. Try both sides. It won’t hurt anything but it may waste your time and irritate those around you. Take a deep breath and choose the optimistic route, it will improve your mood so that when you want to be pessimistic it doesn’t look very appealing. Make it a habit to sway on the optimistic side.

You can only control your reactions.

You can’t control the world. Life is going to throw you curve balls and unless you’re throwing the ball, you don’t know where it is going. Don’t waste your energy trying to alter what has already occurred. Take it in stride and figure out the best plan of action. It’ll be easier and less stressful. Focus on the future and the rest will fall into place.

What are the three things you have to let go of instead of trying to control?



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