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Hello loves!

I’m Daimona, also known as Casper, thus the title of this blog, “Life With Casper”. I was a graduate student in a very vigorous Ph.D program but changed directions in my life. I own a couple of businesses but I wanted something for me, just me. So here I am.

I am a daughter, sister, fiancee, future stepmother, and business owner. I’m a total science nerd and I like tons of nerd things! But I also have anxiety and a black shadow that lurks in the crevices of my mind…depression. I like referring to it as a shadow because some days its there and some days its not, like an actual shadow. ANYWHO, I love music and I am major foodie! Great food is my weakness!

I’m a fairly simple lady, in the prime of my life. I’m done with school and trying to figure out where to go next. I want freedom to live my life without societys’ constraints that don’t apply in the current era. The days of going to school, getting a degree, and finding a good job that you decide to work for the next 40 years only to realize that I don’t have enough money to retire. I can’t and I won’t be that person. How? I don’t know exactly but I plan on figuring it out.

I’m giving myself a little over a year to decide what I should do before returning to the social norms. Until then I hope your ready to join me on my journey. 😉 Within this next year, I will obtain my masters degree, move across states, get married and determine my calling. Hopefully, I can help a few people along the way with my story too.

Let’s Go!



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